ANEMONI - 50 Signed and Numbered Copies - Including 1 original Polaroid


I envy very much those who can talk about his photographs, I am paradoxically shy, in my world photos are not accompanied by words, the title is already a forcing that channels the user in a path taking away part of the freedom of understanding.


Said this; I present to you, or rather I anticipate ANEMONI, a collection of Polaroids born on a splendid day in June sailing the delta of the river PO.


ANEMONES, delicate flowers, with a somewhat melancholy meaning because it recalls abandonment, regret but also hope. The meaning of the Anemone lies in the shortness of the duration of its flowering, so it recovers a metaphorical meaning of fleetingness of a beautiful thing, of an intense moment or of a positive emotion. The singular beauty of the flower is associated with the concept of fleeting hope and expectation, so its intrinsic symbolism is almost resignation to a near end of a beautiful but brief feeling; so is life for me, so is photography for me.


Muse of ANEMONI are Ong Ngoc Phuong and Anna Haholkina, assisting me Stefano Questorio who also took care of the backstage.


ANEMONI was made with two cameras, one SLR680 and one ONESTEP + using both 600 and I TYPE films, both fresh and expired.


Size 21X21 cm.

Pages 94 - photography paper 170 gr. -Cover 300 gr.

Price - € 90,00 ( includes 1 original polaroid from the ones printed ) + Postage

           Postage  - Italy € 5,00 - Europe € 10,00 - Extra Europe € 15,00



MONSTRO - 200 Copies 


I keep chasing one beautiful white whale, and where it plunges my dreams emerge.

No, it is not sleep that brings dreams, but this whale that is moving in my sea.

All that is born deep inside, it has a transformative power and results in a new one

form of reality.

Emotions, contents and ancient and unknown memories that, resurfacing, they become elements of a necessary transition phase.


Continuo a inseguire una bellissima balena bianca, e là dove si immerge 

affiorano i miei sogni. 

No, non è il sonno a portare i sogni, ma questa balena che si va spostando nel mio mare.

Tutto ciò che nasce nel profondo, ha un potere di trasformazione e si traduce in una nuova forma della realtà.

Emozioni, contenuti e memorie antiche e sconosciute che, riaffiorando, diventano elementi di una fase di passaggio necessaria.


MONSTRO Is a Still life project, made with two cameras, one SLR680 and one SX70 using 600films, both fresh and expired.




Size 21X21 cm.

Pages 64 - photography paper 170 gr. -Cover 300 gr.

Price - € 18,00 + Postage

           Postage  - Italy € 5,00 - Europe € 10,00 - Extra Europe € 15,00



A l a n   M a r c h e s e l l i   -   V i a   G a z z o t t i ,   3 9   -   4 1 0 4 2   F i o r a n o   ( M O )   C o  d . f i s c . :   M R C  L N A 7 1 S 2 3 I 4 6 2 I   -   P  . I . V . A . :   I T 0 3 8 4 8 2 1  0 3 6 9 -   T e l .  3 3 5 7 8 4 0 7 0 5